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Techonologies :

iSchool has been built with robust technology. It has won several awards. For New schools it’s important to select right and scalable technology.

Integrated/Centralized software
iSchool is one centralized package integrating 50 software/modules with single point of control. It’s installed on a central server and accessible from any computer. This saves huge cost of buying 20+ different S/Ws.

Online accessibility [web based]
Accessible over both Internet (at home) and Intranet (at campus) 24x7 using any web browser.

Programming language: PHP, JavaScript, XML, SMARTY etc.

Database: (Open Database Compliant)
Default and recommended database for iSchool is MySql. iSchool is totally RDBMS compliant; Client can switch to any database server in future. MySQL on Linux comes free and saves Rs 1 lac+ cost of large schools.

Operating System:
iSchool has been optimized to run on a Linux server. It can run on a Windows server with equal ease. The users can access the software from any standard browser (like internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc) running on a windows/Linux machine.

Secure and standard Framework
The technical architecture of iSchool provides highly secure internal access to various modules on top of user’s rights on selected modules with dates and time limitation.
- Sensitive data is encrypted using MD5 encryption on request.
- Inbuilt Firewalls and other security software on Linux makes iSchool more secure.
- Logs of user activities are kept. Any Update in data is also recorded using Timestamp Protocol.
- After implementation 3 separate system admin logins of Server, Software and Database are handed over to the school. If password is lost, iSchool administrator can update it on request.
- iSchool has proven its technical competence at 5 national SW contests at IITs in 2002-3.

Business Intelligence [ Data mining with Analytical tools ]
iSchool is the only software for schools having inbuilt data mining and business intelligence tools. It provides various insights into the multi dimensional growth, areas of weakness with auto suggestions to improve student or staff over the years. The knowledge discovering and trend analysis tools help to achieve auto alerts in minutes what was not possible in months using manual or statistical tools.

SMS [ Integrated with Auto alerts ]
iSchool has integrated SMS alerts features with each module. Unlike a separate SMS software it’s inbuilt and there is no need to type or manage changing individual nos.

The software provides auto and easy backup tool on Daily/Weekly/Monthly interval. Backup is on RAID enabled Mirrored Hard disc on same server and also on another PC. Backup is written on CD regularly by system admin. A copy of entire code and Database is hosted on CEON Online server for emergency.

WEBSITE [ Dynamic and Interactive ]
iSchool offers integrated and dynamic website saving cost of its development and
Henceforth no need for a separate website or vendor hassles for the same.
Personal email accounts
All users like Parents, Student, Management, Teacher and Staff can have separate login and email accounts on the iSchool server for internal communication. It can be integrated with External email using SMTP Server and POP3.

Graphical Tools ( Advanced Flash animated Graphs)
Various reports with detailed analysis in iSchool are presented in easily understandable Flash Animated graph. iSchool uses licensed Fusionchart Graphical tools.

Online Implementation Management
iSchool has online project management software ( All iSchool implementations are managed as a dedicated project and entire schedule of deliverables and task is monitored online by CEON and client. It is a transparent system for clients to track progress of the project & deliverables.

Online Testing Management tool
iSchool has online testing management software ( Test cases for each module at client & server are listed and executed online. Testing report can be seen anytime by clients.

Online Support and Bugs Reporting Tools
iSchool has online support and bug report management software ( Users can raise ticket anytime which is auto forwarded to concerned project manager. Delivery time and effort is shared with client. An auto SMS/Mail can also be sent the moment error occurs.

Online Help and Tutorial
iSchool has online help manual for users and also for the implementer.

Hardware and External Application Integration with iSchool
iSchool integrates SMS, Barcode, Biometric, Smart Card, GPS, IVRS, Video Conferencing etc. on Request of clients.

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