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iSchool Benefits :

Management @ iSchool


Weekly Monthly Term-wise Occasional
Reports which can be viewed
1. View Timetable & Proxy 1. Result Entry 1.MIS Report 1. Result Generation & Analysis 1. Getting Started
2. View Circulars 2. Monthly Plan 2.Students Monthly Class Participation. 2. Attendance Analysis 2. Personal Info
3. Birthdays(b/w) 3. Leave Application     3. Student Info
4.MIS Report 4. News/Events     4. HR Info
  5. Mess Menu     5. Academic Plan
  6.Add Class Participation     6. Permissions
Records which can be Added or Updated
1. Send Mails Fee Status Fee Collection Budgeting  
2. Scheduler   Payroll Generation Admission  
3. Review Daily Lesson plan        

iSchool empowers administrators to a great extent by minimizing their day to day manual paper work and also facilitates with various important information and can be connected with school all the time.
Instant view of any kind of MIS reports on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.
Minimization of repetitive activities
Instant Access to the analyzed Information required for Decision making
Easy access to information related to every child.
Dynamic generation of tasks with popups, alerts and e-mails to provide better productivity and work plan
Pinpoint source of problems such as pilferage & wastage.
Appraisal analysis of teachers.
Better feedback to parents and increased reputation. An Administrator can plan his/her activities more efficiently by understanding his/her following roles with iSchool.

Apart from these, there are many tasks and activities for administrator that can be done by using the software. The benefits of time saving, data saving, problem solving, communication and analysis can be realized soon or over the period. Administrator will be able to save more than 50% of their time spent on other tasks and can give more attention to other important task.
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