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Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) System

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation which has been recently introduced by CBSE is getting popular across all streams of School Education, and CCE covers all aspects of student’s development with both Formative and Summative Assessment. CCE System of  iSchool enables Teachers to track and analyze student’s performance and conduct real-time scholastic and co-scholastic assessments with Advanced Grading System as per the guidelines issued by CBSE. This system will help Schools to generate CCE Report Cards dynamically for every student.

Teachers will have a very simple and user-friendly interface to regularly update Students performance in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas as defined by the CBSE, and the system will automatically calculate the weightage for the Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment, and the same will be updated to the Report Card Module. CCE System of iSchool also aids the teachers to analyze the challenging areas of the student and teacher can suggest her feedback to the student or the parent through the system either through SMS or Email, and teacher can plan the actions and steps for remedial for every student. Through our Graphs and visualization tools, teachers can keep a track of the student’s progress and generate reports.

Students can keep a track of their assessment in real-time, and with regard to Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment, they can analyze their strengths and weakness, and incorporate the suggestions by the teachers to improve their performance. This also empowers students with self-assessment.

Parents can keep a tab of the Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment conducted by the teachers throughout the year on both scholastic and co-scholastic areas, and is updated on what remedial actions have been suggested by the teacher to their ward on their weaknesses and how the students have incorporated the same.

Formative Assessment (FA):

CCE System of iSchool enables teachers to easily carry out assessment of the students throughout the year formally and informally, and the grades or results of formative assessment is updated into the Reports Card or CCE Card Module of iSchool, and the same will be used for the Students Promotion to higher classes. The weightage will be calculated as per the guidelines by the system automatically, and the same will be updated in the Report Card. Teacher can be keep a tab on the student’s progress, suggest remedial programs, and students can incorporate the same.

Summative Assessment (SA):

Summative Assessment in the CCE System of iSchool will include Curriculum Module where the School can update the Curriculum and Syllabus as defined by the CBSE Board, and when the Exams have been conducted by the School at the end of the Term, the results from the examinations conducted by the school, will be updated in the Report Card module. Weightage will be calculated as prescribed by the board, and the same will be used in the Report Card / Grading System and for the Promotion of the students to higher classes. Summative Assessment provides real-time feedback on the student’s learning to Teachers and Parents.

Grading System:

In the Grading Module of CCE System of iSchool, the Scholastic, Co-Scholastic, Life Skills, Attitude & Values, Health & Physical Education are the areas that are tracked by the Teachers for every student and appropriate grades are allotted to the students based on the Indicators given in the Teachers’ Manual of CCE issued by CBSE. In this module the Grade scale defined by the CBSE from A1 to E2 with appropriate Grade points have been adopted. The performance of the students can be fed into the Grading Module of the CCE System in conventional numerical marking and the same will be converted to Grades automatically. This system will also determine the Percentile Ranking for every student in a class, and the students will be automatically promoted to the successive class based on the formative and summative assessment grades.

Learner Profile:

Student’s Profile or the Learner’s Profile is maintained in the CCE System of iSchool, where the Teachers can record the student’s performance in Scholastic areas such as Languages, Mathematics, Science, Computer Education, Social Science, Home Science, Music, Accountancy, Art Education, Physical Education and Health. And Co-Scholastic areas such as Life Skills, Creativity, Attitude, Values, Discipline, etc are also recorded. In the Learner’s Profile module Teachers are informed about every student’s self-awareness areas like Goals,Strengths, Achievements, and the student’s guardian details. The Learner’s Profile will be maintained by the Class Teacher for all the students who are mapped to the respective Class Teachers, and this module will include observation notes and anecdotal records for each student through the 2 years.

Report Card and CCE Card Generation:

The CCE System of iSchool will generate Report Card as per the format prescribed the CBSE with the School logo that can be printed and will also be sent as PDF to every student and parent through email. The Report Card and CCE Card for every student based on the Formative and Summative Assessments of both Scholastic and Non-Scholastic areas will be recorded and the data will be fetched from the Grading System. The CCE Card will be generated automatically with data fields such as First Term Grade, Second Term Grade, and Overall Grade, which will include Grades from Formative and Summative Assessments with the Average of the same, and the same can be filled or printed in the Board Stationery. The system will also calculate the Percentile Ranking for every student as per the CBSE guidelines for Schools. Other details such as Name of Student, Date of Birth, Parents’ Name, Admission No., Interests and Hobbies are fetched into the CCE Card from the Learner’s Profile or Student Module of iSchool.



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