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Complete, Simple and Intelligent Online Education ERP
(School Management Software / Campus Management Software ) with CCE and Multiple Intelligence..

Join elite group with Integrated and Intelligent Campus Solution on SAAS.
i-School, School Management Software, campus management software, Multiple Intelligence software,School Process Management solutionsGet all in one (ERP + LMS + CMS + BI),
iCampus, College management software,campus management software, Multiple Intelligence software,School Process Management solutions
Save 30-40% of cost.

Premium iSchool now affordable with launch of
new 5.1 Light Package (with all 50 Modules) at 20% of previous cost

Option 1 : Save 1lac/Year
before 15-Apr-2017
Option 2 : 30% discount
before 30-May-2015
Option 3 : 40% discount
before 30-June-2015

Install Free Package (Any 1 out of 5)
(Fee, Attendance, Student Portal, CCE Report, Time Table)

>Fully Customizable and Scalable: Upgrade each Module to Custom and Intelligent level at nominal cost after 6 months of use and satisfaction.
>Guaranted Implementation: If all agreed customization is not delivered in a year, get all payment back from us.

Hurry !!!! Get it installed just now and get started in a week.
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1,50,000 + growing online users...          

School Process Management System, Multiple Intelligence Software - Buy-online
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Intelligent Self Assessment
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Its a complete Solution Project including ERP+LMS+MI with BI Tools od iSchool. From 6 center , Studymate has grown to 24 now.
In few it years it will grow to 200+ across India.

CCE next... : Lets graduate from REPORT CARD to REMEDIAL CARD

  Do you wish to move from Continuous Evaluation to Continuous Remedial using Intelligent tools... ?

  Its easy to grade where student is weak, BUT !! who will answer how he could learn ? .. A Parent ..
  Now problem of million parents and educators solved by CEON...

CBSE-CCE ICSE IB Board IGCSE Board State Boards

The focus of the CBSE Board has been to bring Innovations in teaching-learning methodologies by devising students friendly and students centered paradigms. It aims to bring Reforms in examinations and evaluation practices,  Skill learning by adding job-oriented and job-linked inputs and Regularly updating the pedagogical skills of the teachers and administrators by conducting in service training programmes,  workshops etc.
CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) is a step in this direction.

CCE Skill Based Assessment, Learning Path and Hidden Talent Discovery....
Now used by 42 renowned schools since 2005....

Multiple Intelligence: World's First Mathematical Assessment & Remedial Model on M.I by CEON after 8 years of research.
i-School (School Process Management Software wth Multiple Intelligence) believes that each child has a potential and can be groomed to excellence. The ultimate purpose of i-School is ‘No Child is Left Behind’. i-School modules are designed to help educators and parents manage, analyze, and assist in multi-dimensional growth of the students over years. i-School facilitates analysis of Multiple Intelligences through its 15 dimensional aspects.
Multiple Intelligence software Multiple Intelligence Campus ERP Software Multiple Intelligence School roccess Solutions Multiple Intelligence School ERP Proccess Solutions Multiple Intelligence College Management Software Multiple Intelligence Campus solutions Multiple Intelligence School ERP System Multiple Intelligence Campus ERP System
Nature Intelligence Interpersonal Intelligence Logical Intelligence Visual Intelligence self Intelligence Body Intelligence Music Intelligence Linguistic Intelligence

Connecting All Stakeholders: Educational Eco-system for a Child in 20-25 years of academic learning life includes 2000+ years of human learning, million people around, daily rapidly growing world's knowledgebase, Technology doubling every 3 years, new career emerging and huge budget inflow of every home and govt.
Campus and books are limited place of learning now.... boundryless learning is desired

Students Parents Educator Management Government
School Software Get Simplification:
Easy online information regarding school Calendar, Homework, Announcements, Projects, Online Exams Sophisticated Communication tools for interaction with Teachers/ Peers/ Alumni even from Home.

Grow Intelligence:
Timely alerts for reading patterns, self-improvement, etc. MI Skill development & remedial using various tools more individual attention from Teachers towards suitable career.


Why CEON ?
Ceon - Education ERP Software Developer in Ahmedabad India

CEON is the pioneer and leading provider of integrated Education Process Management Solutions and Consultancy to Educational Institutes. CEON offers accurate real-time information and Knowledge Management systems to the various stakeholders.Our flagship products iSchool and iCampus are an Intelligent solution to all your requirements. They are uniquely aligned to meet the needs and budgets of diverse schools and colleges throughout the country.

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